About us

About us

+ Hoping for a smooth start to university?

+ Nervous about meeting people and making friends?

+ Want to ace your course and avoid stressful all-nighters?

+ Keen to learn life skills like how to manage your time and money, cook healthy food, and generally have your shit together?

In short, do you want to know how to crush college?

Then you’re in the right place.

Unlock the secrets of university success with Crush College

We’re here to help you make the most of your time at uni and look back on being a student with fond memories and no regrets.

Our advice will allow you to sharpen your skills, develop your mindset, and get to grips with student life and adulting. 

What is Crush College?

We are the best source of practical tips for being at uni on the internet. 

Most other sources of student help are either: 

  • out of date
  • only apply to one particular uni
  • designed to sneakily sell you something
  • not even that freakin’ helpful. 

We’re the antidote to all that BS.

We’re independent of all other education organisations. That means we give you honest, uncompromised, unfiltered advice about student life.

We skip the politics of education and bring you practical tips to avoid the typical headaches students face. Our detailed, real-world recommendations go deep to help you create a mindset for success at uni and beyond.

Why listen to us?

Our contributors have all recently been students or worked in higher education for a while. We’ve seen the problems students face first-hand. And we’ve solved them—for ourselves and others—time and time again.

We’re sick of students repeatedly suffering the same situations and getting crappy (or no) advice. So we’ve decided to put all our best guidance in one place, for free, for everyone, so you can benefit from our experience. 

Our advice will help you foresee and avoid common challenges. We’ll help you shortcut straight to the things that work and sidestep those that don’t. 

Skip the stress

You’re only at uni for three or four years. Why waste half that time figuring things out? Follow our suggestions, and you can skip the stress, focus on the fun, and get a degree you’re proud of without going broke.

Good luck with your university career and life journey.

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